Assignment Incentive Pay Program

Oct 25, 2013. What is Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)?. AIP is a monthly incentive pay designed to attract volunteers to fill jobsbillets that have been identified as historically difficult to fill and authorized for the incentive. Where can I find additional information about the AIP Program? The most current policies, procedures,.

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Asymmetric Language Incentive Pay (ASLIP) A pilot incentive program under which eligible employees are compensated for asymmetric speaking and reading proficiency. Such study will be limited to those with a qualifying score of S-3R-3 that is no older than 5 years of the date of the start of the training assignment. Airmen selected for assignment to South Korea who apply for the Korea Assignment Incentive Pay Program can earn 300 a month and apply for advanced assignment consideration. The incentive program authorizes the The program, titled the Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) program, adds an additional 300 per month to paychecks if Soldiers in or enroute to Korea sign up for an additional 12-month tour there.

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