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Dec 22, 2017. Lot of people have already used the instructions to start their own websites and blogs, so Ive probably answered every question you might have here. Ive helped to set up blogs for a lot of writers who just want to become a better writer and have no intentions of making money online. Writers, do you write your ending before your beginning? Good website for young writers?. Anybody know any writers websites? Have you been wondering how to create a standout writer website that would impress clients and get you hired? You know you need one. Without a site, its like youre invisible. You just dont seem legit, especially if youre going after online markets. Ive talked about writer websites before, and do reviews weekly in. Freelance Writer Website Review David Rodeck - March 9, 2018. You can learn a lot while spending very little (or nothing) in the beginning.

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Whether youre looking for advice, ideas, online tools or writers communities, youll find plenty of links to useful websites on this page.. of interviews with authors and industry professionals, articles on writing, reading, libraries, the publishing industry and indie-publishing every other month (the beginning of February, April,.

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