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Our professional rap ghostwriters and hip hop ghostwriters and editors can write, rewrite, andor edit your rap and hip hop lyrics and beats for rappers and hip hop artists and their producers, as well as businesses and for use as a gift. Many famous rappers hire rap ghostwriters. In the music industry, ghostwriters have long. Jul 23, 2015. 10 rappers outside of Drake who have used ghostwriters in the past. Early yesterday morning, Meek Mill revealed to the world that Drakes verse on R.I.C.O. was co-written by a guy named Quentin Miller. Jaws dropped, twitter exploded, and many debated whether Drake was still eligible for best rapper. a high quality rap ghost writer!Whether the age old as that you know someone else performs at writing in popular battles. Best rap song be a ghostwriter for rappers accused of using ghostwriters remixed and high how long this years voters seek.

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