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Mar 1, 2018. Not only has the number of books available doubled, but now, almost every book published is offered free in exchange for a review. This means that this BookCrash reviewer doesnt just have the choices available via BookCrash, she can also choose Christian books to review from all the following services. Amazon Marketing Services 299 Amazon Marketing Services is a highly targeted, cost-effective means to drive traffic and sales for your book. Traditional Marketing. NetGalley 499 NetGalley is an outlet that can generate dozens of reviews in a single campaign. A book review from a respected source is a powerful tool in your promotion toolbox. One of the leading paid book review services is a Clarion Book Review, from the editors of ForeWord Magazine. Clarion Reviews is an avenue for an independent author to receive an authoritative, careful, and objective third-party.

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A TCI Book Review. Most service marketers suffer from what Beckwith calls the Lake Wobegon effect - that is, overestimating themselves, and assuming that the market shares their perception.

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