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And Public Service - Book Review. Professional, Unbiased Book Reviews for Self-Publishers From One of the Most Prestigious Brands in Publishing. With our Amazon service, Book Review Broker targets only top reviewers. We have taken this top 10,000 Amazon reviewers chart and painstakingly pulled out all of the data which is pertinent to securing book reviews. From this top 10,000 list we have extracted the 1,000 best profiles based on interest in genres and whether. Readers Favorite provides authors with a free review of their published or unpublished book, manuscript, eBook, audio book, comic book or poetry book. Improve Your Writing. Some authors use their book reviews as a way to improve their writing skills. While IRs reviews are written in service to readers, IRs reviewerssome of the best in the fieldwill let you know if youve achieved what you set out to do.

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Self-Publishing Review Get a Professional Indie Book Review, Editing, and Amazon Book Promotion. Here at SPR, we consider that we are one of five review service big-hitters. Get unbiased readers reviews for your book and make it stand out in the crowd of thousands of books on sale. Our Mission. Asking for your help in improving the quality of book reviews. Learn More FastTrack. Get honest reviews published within days on Amazon and Goodreads. Learn More. FastTrack Pro. Watch your Amazon Rank rise up the charts, and your sales soar. Learn More. Website Tracking, Web Analytics,.

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