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A crash course in business communication for help with writing woes. From the basic dos and donts of business writing to the nitty-gritty of formatting, punctuation, tone and language--this course covers all the fundamentals. Writing as a major form of communication must be clear, concise, attention-getting, and results-producing. This course develops the skills needed for effective business writing. A hands-on approach allows students to draft, analyze, and compose effective business communications using examples from their own daily work. Jun 27, 2012. When running a business, it is important to be aware of how you communicate with your customers, your staff, your investors, and your suppliers. Your written materials, from your business plan to your marketing, are often the first encounter a person has with your company. It is therefore important to make.

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Professional Business Writing is centered on the idea that every piece of effective business writing, whether its an email, memo, formal letter, marketing piece or web page, should cause the reader to take action. This Professional Business Writing course is designed to help you think about communication in a new and. Nov 10, 2016. This course teaches the importance of story structure. You dont luck into good pacing, dialogue, or characters. You craft them and this class teaches how. 4. Advanced Fiction Writing. A continuation of the previous class. Learn more about story structure, plot, character, dialogue, setting, suspense, conflict,.

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