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none Rescue Board Surf Rescue Boards Life Guard Rescue, Find Complete Details about Rescue Board Surf Rescue Boards Life Guard Rescue,Rescue Board,Surf Rescue Boards Jun 21, 2016. We use them for kiteboard rescues, boat rescues, pretty much any time we would swim, but the board are just nice to have because you can get to the victim quickly and it provides a lot of flotation if you have multiple victims. Prone2Paddle Owner Cliff Ray knew the technology for rescue boards needed to. Lowest Price. Indie Boards Cards. Flash Point Fire Rescue Expansion Veteran and Rescue Dog Pack. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Pandemic Board Game.

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Countless people have been rescued with the Surf Rescue which has been in worldwide service since 1997. This board is the most used lifesaving board worldwide. It is used on the beaches of Hawaii, Malibu, Sydney or Sylt and the entire Baltic Sea. This board with the safety fin and the guarded straps on both sides of.

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