Byu Speech Pathology

Aug 23, 2016. BYU COURSE, COURSE TITLE, CR, U OF U COURSE, U OF U COURSE TITLE, CR, COMMUNICATION SCI DISORDERS REQUIREMENT. COMD 133. Intro to Speech-Lang Pathology Audiology. 2. CSD 1010. Intro to Communication Science Disorders. 3. Major Requirement. COMD 320.

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Communication Disorders

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Just a shout out to all the BYU grads that went forth and served with great success. See more ideas about Mormons, American artists and American football.. I took speech therapy and recorded my voice. I couldnt understand a thing I had said and that was very discouraging. - June Leifson, BYU alumna and former dean. Interview with Ron Channell Professor at Brigham Young University Head of the Department of. Is it difficult to get into BYUs Masters program for Speech Pathology?

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