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learn college algebra online and convert to credit after you pass. This course adapts to your skill level and is self-paced. Course Credits. 4 credits. Time Requirements. Plan a minimum of 10 - 15 hours per week for your coursework. While online learning courses provide flexibility in time, geography, and travel, the work required for successful completion is identical to that for the face-to-face course. Your instructor may specify additional time. C- or higher in Math 0110 Intermediate Algebra or equivalent transfer course or a sufficient score on the ALEKS exam. Send transcripts to correct coordinator for approval. Please look at Math coordinator list httpmathplacement.missouri.eduMATHPermNumberRequest.pdf.

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Chemistry. CHEM 1411C. CHEMISTRY I Prerequisite(s) MATH 1314 College Algebra or MATH 1324 Mathematics for Business and Economics. Chemical laws and theory for science, engineering and pre-professional majors. Requires completion of a lab safety training (6), purchase of a separate laboratory kit ( 100),. MATH155M - College Algebra with Trigonometry (4-0-4). This course covers the essentials of numerical algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and is designed for science, engineering, technology, computer science, and mathematics students. It provides a solid preparation for student toward Precalculus and Calculus track.

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