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May 13, 2010. Working with a copywriter who takes the time to engage with you, your values and your character as a business is what makes the difference between getting content and being content. And its dispiriting to trade under a name that implies you simply churn out the words without paying much mind to the. In 2 contests with very little material, I wrote copies to a company called Empiricus (a. Your name Prabu Rajasekaran Your specialty Copywriting for healthcare startups. And when it comes to something as mundane as name badges, writing a thought-provoking, interesting and unique headline would make most people leap into. Debuting in New York, Oscar is a health insurance company that, as its introductory paragraph describes, is using technology to simplify insurance by making it. Make An Investment In Yourself And Get Access To All The Secrets Of Copywriting. company that sold the pad print product that enabled the company to print its name on.

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Smartly done, a tagline can establish a strong brand identity for your product or organisation and clearly articulate your customers needs. But its not just about the tagline. I can help you create brand expressions such as company names, blog names, mission and values statements, plus a host of other branding features,. So you want to be a freelance copywriter. Of course you do. But how do you do it? Here are the first six tips to start your freelance copywriting business.

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