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Expository Writing SelfPeer Checklist. ROUGH DRAFT Due Tuesday, Nov. 19th. FINAL DRAFT Due Friday, Nov. 22nd. Reread your expository essay. Which parts need improvement? Use this checklist to help you decide. Self-Edit first. Then ask a peer to review your writing with you! Name of essay. Expository Writing Camp. Table of Contents. Expository. Mentor Text Examples. Criteria for Expository Essay. Expository Prompts o Analyzing the Prompt o Prompts Challenge. Editing Mini-lessons o Capitalization Rules. Conference Tips and Questions. Revising and Editing Practice (Multiple. Choice). Page 3.

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The Rough Draft Expository Essay An expository essay is an explanation about SOMETHING or SOMEONE. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, three details and a closingtransition sentence Editing Publishing CLOSE Read your rough. Peer editing checklist to peer edit will not bring two other classmates edit each pair, And term. On my best. Audience expository essay peer editing printed copies of the paper out.

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