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Professional and affordable book editing services from Stephen Kings first editorpublisher. We help serious writers and authors who wish to avoid publisher rejection. Assuming you have already got a full or partial draft of your novel or non-fiction manuscript, your editor cannot help you until he or she has read your material and given you a full data-dump of what they think the issues are. And that, remember, is basically our normal editorial service (available here), so the best starting. May 3, 2012. Ditto for the staff of reputable editing services. Be wary if this information is missing, or if its too vague to verify. Claims like Joe Editor has published ten novels or Jane Editor has worked for two major publishing houses are meaningless unless theyre specific. And if you request specifics and are. Bestselling author and book editor, Cara Lockwood, will edit your novel! She offers a wide range of manuscript editing services. Her clients top bestseller lists.

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SERVICES. Literary services offered include editing, manuscript critique, consultation, and private tutorials on short stories, novels, and literary nonfiction such as memoirs, biographies, and personal essays. By way of beginning with anyone, I simply invite you to send me some of your work to read. Ill read it in a preliminary.

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