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Nov 20, 2006. The company is called Emend Editing and the site is www.emendediting.com. Even better its an. Thanks again for an excellent service. I continue to be. I guest lecture occasionally here in Melbourne on corporate writing and finding work as a freelancerI always give Writerfind a plug. Katherine Edit Emend provides English proofreading and copysub-editing services for academic texts. With several years of experience, Edit Emend Writing is a part of the job for more and more people. Whatever your specialist role, you may also produce training manuals, newsletters, policy documents or articles for the press as part of your job. Learning to edit your work and other peoples writing is a valuable skill. Most people find they need to vary their writing style as. Emend Editing courses are specially developed for online delivery. They can be read online or printed. There are no prerequisites for Emend courses.

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