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So, here I am going to list some Genuine websites which pay for writing articles. The concept is same in every website i.e., writing articles or tutorials. So, just go with all the websites to get some good penny. If your article is among the ten most popular that month, you get a 50 bonus. The Quick Fixes we mentioned earlier, since theyre only a fraction of the size of that other stuff, pay at 50 a shot. You turn in the finished article, you get paid by PayPal -- theres no waiting for months to get a check. Also, if you have a blog or a Twitter.

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Apr 19, 2015. Many opportunities where you can get paid to write require little if any experience or formal education.. your name more easily recognizable as an author Obtaining clients from prospects who read your e-books or articles Earning money while you sleep write it once, and the royalties keep coming in. Writing articles is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms in terms of efficiency. Its very reasonable to reach a 20 per hour rate of pay after just a couple weeks of experience, a rate you can further increase by honing your skills according to what your employer is looking for. Weve complied a list of the top 5 websites. Elna Cain is a stay at home mom who started her writing business from scratch and is now well-paid and successful, receiving 100 and more per article from clients. Elna has also created an eCourse, Write Your Way to 1K, based on her own experiences and the strategies and steps she took to become successful. There are 41 lessons and 7

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