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Jun 29, 2017. Lynn Lobel, Grants amp Resource director for Queens Council on the Arts, explained. Lynn Lobel, Grants Resource director for Queens Council on the Arts, explained the components of grant writing. She was joined by Molaundo Jones, Arts Services Manager with Queens Council on the Arts. Jan 26, 2011. The Business of Art The Artists Guide to Grant Writing Neil Reilly on Gigi Rosenbergs The Artists Guide to Grant Writing Gigi Rosenberg began her career as an artist before she even knew it. By. Apr 18, 2016. Grant Writing Workshops for 2017 Community Arts Grants and the 2016-2017 Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program.. For more information, please contact Joycelyn L. Reynolds, Director, Artist Services, at 504-595-8471, or Megan Koza Young, Associate Director.

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