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The fifth service is Grant Proposal Evaluation If your organization wrote a proposal and requires a professional evaluation, we create the appraisal section of the proposal. For a fee of 3000 to 6000 dollars. How do I become a nonprofit consultant or grant writer? A For the right person, working as an independent consultant can have many advantages, including setting ones own schedule and priorities, working with a variety of clients, and developing a wide range of personal skills and experience. However, like any start-up,. Grant proposal writing today is one of the most competitive ways to obtain funding for a nonprofit organization. In this arena, organizations. Sources of help in locating companies that have established giving programs are the National Data Book and the Corporate Giving Yellow Pages. Information regarding the actual. Grant Proposal Writing. CREDIBILITY. What is the evidence that the organization is achieving its goals?. Include all funding sources, both in cash and in-kind which could include ofce space, land, or professional services valued at market rates) A complete.

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