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answ 2days. If I am puting up 10 fingers how may fingers am I holding up? 0. Senpau Senpai. 1 answ 2days. 533 its so harrrd. 159. tiago.ogden. 1 answ 2days. 1. What is the question? tiago.ogden. 1 answ 2days. If I am puting up 10 fingers how many fingers am I holding up? Because you are holding up 10 fingers, you. Help with Math Homework. Are you feeling down that youre able to keep up in class?. Well, thats absolutely no need to feel bad as you can find an incredible amount of math resources online that will help you blast through your math woes. Get the online Math tutoring you need, instantly. Browse Math tutors at Skooli - online, 247 to find the online math tutor now.

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