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You hire an experienced writer to write the book for you and then you publish it so you can sell it when you speak or on the internet, etc. The question is, do you just want your story told, or might you want to write other things, too? They want to write a biography (sigh) someday. Hiring biography writers is not as hard as you might think. If you have already decided what type of story you want to tell (your life events, a special time in your life, your career highlights, military experience, path to. May 13, 2013. All if this is NOT to discourage your average person from telling their story. But if youre not already a writer serious about craft, think twice. Or hire a great writer. Thanks so much for writing this, Rachelle! I love knowing that when I send wanna-be memoirists to your site (which I do often), theyll stumble on. Com are professional fantasy writers who specialize in either fantasy novel writing, fantasy screenwriting, or short story fantasy writing.. With the NDA signed and sent, we will ask for more information and begin to flesh out your story and clarify any details that may be unclear to ensure we understand your vision. Next, your.

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