Lab Report On Pseudo First Order Reaction

THEORY. The rate at which a chemical reaction occurs depends on several factors the nature of the reaction, the concentrations of the reactants, the temperature, and the presence of possible catalysts. All of these factors can markedly influence the observed rate of reaction. In this experiment, we will study a reaction which. These reactions are known to be PSEUDO FIRST-ORDER. POST-LAB QUESTIONS. Is it possible to find the activation energy of this reaction with the data you have in hand? Comparing 4 and 5 When boron trifluoride is halved, the rate also reduces to half its value, therefore, this reaction is first order in boron trifluoride.. second order overall. (c) What is the value of the rate constant for this reaction? For each of the experiment, divide the rate by BF3 and NH3, then take the average of all. Lab Report - Activity C16 A Pseudo First Order Reaction What Do You Think? How will changing the concentrations of the reactants affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

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Kinetics of Transesterification

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