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Our professional novel editing services ensure that you have better quality novel after edition. You will get the best assistance for your written novel through our novel editing services.

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Reedsy isnt a company providing book editing services we are a marketplace of top-notch editors. Were not going to assign you an editor you dont know, nor fix a price with you. We give you choice, flexibility, and access to the best editorial talent out there. Every single freelance editor on the Reedsy marketplace has. New York Book Editors. A team of professional editors who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry as well as offering services to indie authors. In-depth manuscript reviews, manuscript critique, comprehensive edit, proposal edit, copyediting and ghostwriting. Please note I am an affiliate of the services. A big thank you goes to the staff a Edit911. Your response was fast, and you helped me make my dream come true. Your novel editing was efficient and professional. Thanks to you my book Carries Farm is published! My book was edited over a period of time and you came through for me. Thank you so very much!

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