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Introduction. Relatively recently, many UK universities have introduced a new mode for awarding a PhD -- by publication. Topic page about httpsinnsida.ntnu.noendoktorgradPhD.. PhD on Track, created in cooperation with the Norwegian university libraries, can be a useful resource. Here you will find. When you register your research in Cristin you have to use the same address as you provided to the publication. It is therefore important. Find out more about a PhD by prior publicationportfolio at Kingston University. A PhD by prior publicationportfolio award gives students who havent followed the. Aug 4, 2011. The PhD by publication offers an alternative path to the traditional PhD by thesis, but it is viewed by some as inferior. Richard Willis refutes the argument that it is second rate, and Christopher Cowton looks for clearer regulations.

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The implications for the pipeline of PhD students (by the end of the PhD project) Whereas in a PhD by Publication, the chapters are essentially articles of. Jun 23, 2017. The purpose of this work is to develop more nuanced understandings of the. PhD by publication, particularly raising awareness of the retrospective PhD by publication. The article aims to contribute to contemporary debates about the differing pathways to the attainment of doctoral study completion and the.

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