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Aug 17, 2016. Between private-party and dealership sales, nearly 40 million used cars exchange hands each year. With so many choices, finding that. Unless youre buying the car from a close friend or family member who can vouch for its history, plan to get a vehicle history report. This is an essential early step. If the. Do research to find a vehicle that matches your needs. Tips for researching. history report. A vehicle history report could help you choose the right vehicleand steer clear of a bad deal.. If youre buying a used vehicle from a dealer, the staff at the dealership can help you with the registration, insurance and licensing. Sep 11, 2017. Technology driven trends like electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and rideshare apps are set to shake up the industry in a way that has never been seen. Online research is part and parcel of the car buying process and brands need to ensure theyre aligning product positioning, marketing messages and.

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