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specific forms that it may take (clientelism vs. enforceable vote-buying). Our paper closely relates to empirical research undertaken on clientelism and vote-buying in developing countries. Wantchekon (2003) reports on a field experiment conducted in Benin where the contents of electoral campaigning by candidates were. Working Papers Incumbent Advantage, Voter Information and Vote Buying (with C. Cruz and P. Keefer). We report results from a field experiment that examines, for the first time, voter and politician responses in a young, poor democracy to increased voter knowledge about the existence of government programs and. Иностранные языки categorybytypereferatyinostrannye-yazyki Buying Votes Essay Research Paper Buying VotesThe. These people are paid to offer campaign donations and gifts to certain congressmen in return for a vote for or against specific issues.

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