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May 4, 2014. While Writing custom module in ansible in ansible you need to setup ansible environment. If you are not aware from it you can follow step by step instruction in my post Getting started with ansible. After successfully setup ansible environment create your module directory inside library. I have created. Creating a module. The first step is to make sure that we can run a custom module. Create a file named mymodule with the following contents !usrbinenv php ?php echo jsonencode(array(foo bar, time time())). Ansible modules talk JSON, so here all were doing is returning the current time to see if our. By Katie Paugh, Solutions Architect at G2 Tech Group. Ansible is the configuration management tool of choice at G2 Tech Group, in part beacause its so easy to write your own modules. Modules are reusable, standalone scripts that allow the Ansible API to call tasks like archiving, copying, ec2facts, etc. These individual. Chapter 10. Custom Modules. Sometimes you want to perform a task that is too complex for the command or shell modules, and there is no existing module that does what you want. In that case, you might want to write your own module. In the past, Ive written custom modules to retrieve my public IP address when Im.

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